SpreadsheetWorld™ is providing leadership through the offering of a broad-based training program designed to have an immediate and dramatic impact on productivity for our customer's professional staff. SpreadsheetWorld™ training lays a unique foundation for building an effective long term Excel/VBA-based user environment. Many times our training programs are viewed as "advanced training" due to our aggressive objectives. We would prefer participants with no training to those with extensive training based on poor practices. It is important to establish best practices from the very beginning rather than developing extensive experience using practices which lead to massive problems. Better to learn good practices early than spend a lifetime unlearning poor practices! Our objective is to teach the best practices and keep them simple. The training division of SpreadsheetWorld (Professional Education International) provides a broad range of professional development programs, including those which are designed to m eet SpreadsheetWorld's overall mission. These programs are offered as public workshops, on-site workshops and self-study programs. Public workshops are hosted at selected universities or hotels. On-site programs are hosted by organizations where attendance is typically restricted to their own professional staff. Self-study courses are taken by individuals or groups of individuals on their own time and pace, working in collaboration in a distance learning environment.

Customized Training

SpreadsheetWorld™ will work with your organization to provide customized training designed to accomplish your specific training needs. For example, you might want to train a small team of 10-15 engineers on how to use the Excel/VBA platform to increase their collaboration of engineering data and information. This process tends to be dependent on the type of work that the team is doing, such as mission planning, conceptual design, preliminary design and development or testing. It would also depend on which it is a process or a product. It would also depend on the background of the group. SpreadsheetWorld works with your group to determine how our training programs can be best packaged to meet your specific objectives.

Self-Study Programs

SpreadsheetWorld™ provides a self-study training program which is designed to provide training materials and instructor expertise to support students who want to study SpreadsheetWorld training at their own pace, anytime, and anywhere. The courses are supported by PowerPoint slides, spreadsheet worksheets, templates, VBA code or Excel Add-ins. Self-Study participants become a member of the SpreadsheetWorld alumni and they receive the same benefits as on-site and public course alumni. The materials for self-study courses are packaged and shipped to each participant.

Short Course Seminars

Spreadsheet Aided Engineering (576)

Advanced Spreadsheet Aided Engineering (676)

Refresher to Microsoft Excel (701)

Intro to Computational VBA for Excel (702)

Intro to VBA Object Sructure for Excel (703)

Visual Basic for Applications (704)

Advanced Excel/VBA Techniques (705)

Introduction to Programming Microsoft Windows with VBA (706)

Online Documentation Techniques (707)

Database-Aided Engineering with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel (708)

World Wide Web-Aided Engineering with Excel/Access/Front Page (709)

FORTRAN, DLLs and Integration with Excel/VBA (710)

Practical Risk Modeling in Spreadsheets (711)

Spreadsheet Aided Simulation and Optimization (712)

Spreadsheet Aided Thermal-fluid System Modeling and Optimization (713)

Spreadsheet Aided Propusion System Design (714)

Spreadsheet Aided Signal Processing (715)

Integrated Excel/Access Aided Engineering (716)

Spreadsheet Aided Management (719)

Spreadsheet Aided Vehicle Dynamics (723)

Spreadsheet Aided Data Plotting & Analysis (724)

Systems Modeling and Analysis (726)

Access Aided Engineering (727)

Spreadsheet Aided RF & Microwave Electronics Design (728)

Using Excel and Mathematica (731)
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