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SpreadsheetWorld™ is providing leadership in offering a broad range of Excel/VBA services and in the development of Excel/VBA-based tools. Our toolboxes are designed to the highest user interface standards, and are priced to encourage their use by a broad Excel user base. We are also working closely with universities to make these tools readily available to students to support their fundamental studies. This will provide a large group of graduating engineers with knowledge and experience using SpreadsheetWorld toolboxes.

The object structure of Excel allows for other objects to become part of the Excel Add-Ins Collection. They can dock into the Excel environment and be switched on for use as needed without soaking up valuable computer resources. These objects are called Add-Ins. After they are added into the Excel Add-In list, they become immediately available for use from within Excel. Also, when referenced, they also become available to the Visual Basic side of Excel.


SpreadsheetWorld™ has developed a systematic methodology for working with customers to rapidly develop specialized Excel VBA solutions to fit the specific needs of the customer. The methodology applies to any type of analysis, whether it is engineering, science, business or finance.

Many times commercial applications software is designed to be everything to all people. That tends to make it expensive, complicated and cumbersome. Also, it is very difficult to tailor or modify the software to fit your particular analysis or reporting requirements. Customized VBA applications can many times be relatively simple to develop and tend to be more valuable than general-purpose programs.

It is very common for spreadsheet users to invest time in developing a spreadsheet-based analysis without using a proven, systematic approach. Typically, this is done without the aid of Visual Basic for Applications or project control methodology. This can lead to spreadsheets with equations buried in cells, tangled cell links, and poor documentation which can ultimately lead to inefficiencies and frustrations. SpreadsheetWorld’s technical staff has extensive experience in solving these types of problems. We can help you to develop a consistent approach to building effective spreadsheet solutions using built-in Excel functionality and VBA. We can help to automate time-consuming manual processes. Our methods lead to significant reduction in development time.

We emphasize a functional approach to modeling. Such an approach leads quite naturally to input/output fields, which provides a more visual platform for decision-making. Such structured spreadsheets adequately position the user for conducting simulation, optimization and uncertainty analysis. Also, these structured spreadsheets are easier to interpret for new users. This leads to increased user productivity and tremendous savings for your organization.SpreadsheetWorld™ consultants are interested in discussing your specific applications. Our consultants have broad backgrounds, so the person whom you would be working with probably has experience in your field of application.

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Alumni Services

The powerful methods and best practices taught in these workshops provide immediate benefits to those attending, and provide a launch point for a deeper adventure in the use of Excel and VBA in their professions. Completing the workshop is then considered just the beginning. The methods taught need to be implemented. Past inefficient practices must be changed. This is an on-going process which is supported by SpreadsheetWorld and fellow alumni. SpreadsheetWorld alumni are invited to join in with the network of alumni join in a collaborative environment to support this process. Alumni can collaborate with SpreadsheetWorld staff and other alumni to develop specialized toolboxes, publish papers, create self-study tutorials, answer challenging questions, and participate in special interest groups.

Application Development

SpreadsheetWorld™ is providing leadership in both the development of Excel/VBA-based toolboxes and training on how to develop these toolboxes. The large number Excel users coupled with the ease in which users can develop their own specialized toolbox makes Excel the ideal platform for the development of a broad base of tools.

SpreadsheetWorld™ is actively developing selected tools which we perceive would have a broad user base. SpreadsheetWorld is also providing a broad range of support services to entrepreneurial tool authors to help them in the development of specialized tools, as well as providing a means of quickly bringing their tools to the market place. These same capabilities are also being made available to our clients to support the development of libraries of Excel/VBA-based proprietary tools within their organizations. Tools developed by SpreadsheetWorld are made available for immediate download from the SpreadsheetWorld website and are distributed and controlled via SpreadsheetWorld’s Toolbox Manager. The application services provided include:

  • Development of specialized VBA and Fortran DLL function libraries to provide computational speed and compiled code security
  • Development of documentation and help files to support function libraries and toolboxes
  • Integration of customer function libraries and toolboxes into the SpreadsheetWorld Toolbox Manager for distributed use and security
  • Conversion of legacy Fortran code into DLL’s for use with Excel/VBA
  • Development of graphic user interfaces to enhance project automation and ease of use
  • System parameter management and communication between team members and multiple software platforms
  • Commercialization of in-house validated software and legacy Fortran applications


Document Guidelines

SpreadsheetWorld is providing leadership in developing guidelines for documentation procedures in Excel and VBA. The elements of these guidelines are introduced in each of our training programs. We also offer in-depth training courses designed to put these guidelines into practice. In documentation, it is important to document the source for all equations and information, declare all units for numbers, and specify limits to all function models. All algorithms should have visual or pseudo flowcharts. Clear instructions should be provided for use of worksheets and functions.

Integrated Systems Design

SpreadsheetWorld encourages “Team Collaboration”. SpreadsheetWorld and our Strategic Partners are providing leadership in process, training and tools needed to build an effective team collaboration process. The SpreadsheetWorld team collaboration process emphasizes the use of Excel and VBA as the foundation tool supporting the process. The popularity of Excel and VBA has created a large user base throughout all professions. This fact coupled with the power of Excel makes it ideal for team collaboration. SpreadsheetWorld currently has three products designed to augment the inherent team collaboration capability built into Excel. They are XLLink, ICEMaker, and Model Integrator.

SpreadsheetWorld employees, alumni and instructors write educationally oriented articles which are available for publication in professional journals. These publications are intended to provide instructional value in the application of Excel and VBA in professional fields.
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