About Us

SpreadsheetWorld™ provides leadership in the application of Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Excel/VBA-based tools to the professional fields of engineering, science, management, and finance. SpreadsheetWorld™ and its strategic partners offer a broad array of products and services designed to fulfill that mission. Though the application of our processes, training and tools, SpreadsheetWorld™ clients realize a dramatic and immediate change in the scope and use of Excel and VBA to accomplish real-world problems. The scope is broadened and the use is dramatically increased. These changes provide our clients with impressive improvements in both immediate and long term productivity.

Company Information

SpreadsheetWorld™ has been offering Spreadsheet Aided Engineering courses since 1995, and was incorporated in the State of California Corporation in the Centennial Year 2000.

Headquarters is now located in June Lake, California.

SpreadsheetWorld Addresses

16161 Ventura Blvd. Suite C PMB 752
Encino, California 91436


PO Box 200
June Lake, California 93529

Press Releases

SpreadsheetWorld™ employees and alumni submit press releases to the media for announcements and information regarding SpreadsheetWorld products and services.

Our Custumers

SpreadsheetWorld™ customers include companies and organizations that employ staff who make extensive use of computational methods, data analysis and data visualization activities. Organizations that employ engineers, scientists, technicians, programmers, economists and financial analysts will realize dramatic benefits from increased use of Excel Spreadsheets and VBA. Customers who have benefitted most extensively are those that have hosted an ongoing series of onsite training programs. We deliver high quality training solutions to many national and global corporations including many Fortune 500 companies. Our customers include Lockheed Martin, NASA, all branches of the US Military, General Motors, Caterpillar, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honda R&D Americas and many others.

Top On-Site Locations

Lockheed Martin (Fort Worth, TX)

Lockheed Martin (Marietta, GA)

United States Air Force (Edwards AFB)

Pratt and Whitney (West Palm Beach, FL)

NASA (Jet Propulsion Lab)

NASA (Johnson Space Center)

NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center)

Northrup Grumman (Palmdale, CA)

Delphi Steering (Saginaw, MI)

The Aerospace Corporation (El Segundo, CA)

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