SpreadsheetWorld™ offers a broad array of onsite engineering and technical short courses designed to have an immediate and dramatic impact on productivity for our customers’ professional staff. Our highly qualified instructors conveniently bring the classroom to your facility. We specialize in creating a unique foundation for an effective, long-term Excel/VBA-based user environment. Our objective is to teach superior practices and keep them simple through application of Excel/VBA-based spreadsheet technology. SpreadsheetWorld, Inc. will work with your organization to provide customized training designed to address your specific training needs.
Leadership and Mission

SpreadsheetWorld™ provides leadership in the application of Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Excel/VBA-based tools to the professional fields of engineering, science, management, and finance. SpreadsheetWorld™ and its strategic partners offer a broad array of products and services designed to fulfill that mission. Though the application of our processes, training and tools, SpreadsheetWorld™ clients realize a dramatic and immediate change in the scope and use of Excel and VBA to accomplish real-world problems. The scope is broadened and the use is dramatically increased. These changes provide our clients with impressive improvements in both immediate and long term productivity.
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